Beauty and the Beast Shoot, Secrets Revealed

Kat Armendariz

Posted on November 26 2018


Beauty and the Beast Shoot, Secrets Revealed

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Kat Armendariz Kat on the Web


Last week, our good friend, Kat Armendariz from HushXpose in Las Vegas, gave us some insights into the behind-the-scenes action of a portrait photography shoot.


We continue with that this week with another of Kat's epic shoots, this time with Hasina Rhine, an NPC Bikini Competitor who came to Kat for branding images for her personal training business.


The final image above shows the product of a lot of hard work, planning, and execution. Below is a discussion of how it all came together.


Giving the Client Something Different and Eye-Catching


Kat Armendariz Kat on the Web


From Kat:


"Hasina was ready for something different. I wanted to capture different action shots that connect to each of her client types.


This shot is an eye-catcher type of image that will lead to either of her client types. I explained to her that people won’t stop to look at posed workout images. They’ve seen it for years and it’s everywhere. A head-turner is something in action, a candid moment that creates emotion."


How to Capture Action and Emotion



The key to creating the action-packed portrait that Kat envisioned was all in the lighting and accessories.


From Kat:


"I lit her from behind with one of the Pro Master video lights to light the explosion of the baby powder. I used a ring light to light her face and hands. The 2nd Pro Master video light pointed down from above and the ice light added a small fill light.


I use constant lights when I have to do a quick multi-shot. The recycle time on a strobe isn’t fast enough unless you’re spending good money on one that will recycle fast enough and be consistent light on every shot."


As a result of all of that lighting, Kat accomplished a couple of very important things.


Kat Armendariz Kat on the Web


First, since the baby powder was lit from multiple sides, you can really see it explode out of Hasina's hands. Capturing that movement was critical for creating the high-impact action shot she wanted to use for branding her business.


Second, the lighting scheme that Kat designed accentuates Hasina's physique. Potential clients coming to Hasina for personal training will surely be impressed! What's more, the range of shadows, mid tones, and highlights in this photo give it tons of depth and dimension.


Gear Used for This Image



About Kat


Kat Armendariz Kat on the Web


Kat Armendariz is a published studio photographer in Las Vegas. She has a passion to create out-of-the-box portraiture and to give women an experience that will be a stepping stone to new found confidence.


Her photo studio sits in the heart of Las Vegas where she gets to work with incredible clients from all over the globe. Her studio, hushXpose, is a compilation of her two studio names: Hush Hush Shoot (boudoir photography), and Pose Las Vegas (glamour photography).


Kat Armendariz Kat on the Web


hushXpose offers an all­-inclusive Hollywood experience where Kat and her all­-female teamwork with clients one­-on­-one to create custom sets and scenes tailored to their clients.


Kat and her husband, Ephraim Armendariz, also own the US District for Click Props Backdrops, which specializes in professional-grade heavy-duty vinyl studio backdrops. Click Props Backdrops let you choose from an extensive and exclusive range of multi-award-winning backgrounds and floorgrounds to give you the opportunity of offering clients a multi-set portrait experience.

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