How to Create Beauty Portrait Lighting in Under Two Minutes

Kat Armendariz

Posted on February 04 2019


How to Create Beauty Portrait Lighting in Under Two Minutes

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  Kat Armendariz Kat on the Web  How to Create Beauty Portrait Lighting in Under Two Minutes


If you missed it, last week our good friend Kat Armendariz of hushXpose in Las Vegas showed us how to set up split portrait lighting in under two minutes.

This week, Kat builds off that quick tutorial by demonstrating how you can use the same lighting for beauty portrait lighting. It's a completely different look without having to change hardly anything. Nice!


Learn all about this lighting technique by watching the 3-minute video above.


As Kat explains in the video above, split lighting is a little on the harsh side and creates tons of drama.

But beauty lighting is soft, buttery, and smooth and creates a much more subdued and delicate look:

Kat Armendariz Kat on the Web  split lighting vs beauty lighting image


This more delicate look is achieved by moving the light source closer to the model.

In this case, Kat moved the 48-inch deep parabolic softbox to a position right next to her (as opposed to being about eight feet away for split lighting).

Kat Armendariz Kat on the Web  beauty Light Click Props Backdrops 2 image

Kat Armendariz Kat on the Web  beauty light diagram image


As you can see in the diagram above, the light was positioned above her head, and with a diffuser attached to the front and a reflector positioned below the light, that buttery smooth and soft beauty light you see below was the result.

Not bad, right?

Kat Armendariz Kat on the Web  beauty light for portraits image


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Using the same camera, lens, and camera settings, Kat was able to capture portraits that look totally different than those captured last week in the split lighting tutorial.

All she had to do was move the light closer, diffuse it, and add a reflector to bounce fill light onto her face.

Kat Armendariz Kat on the Web  Split Light Beauty Light 01152019 1 Click image

Kat even used the same Natural Brick Backdrop and Wood Stained Dark Floorground as she did last week!

With hardly any adjustments to make, that means you can quickly and easily give your clients (or yourself!) two completely different looks. Talk about efficiency!

Just look at the results that this lighting setup gets you:

Kat Armendariz Kat on the Web

Kat Armendariz Kat on the Web

If you want to give your female clients a beautiful, warm glow that's silky smooth, this beauty portrait lighting setup is definitely the way to go.

And as Kat demonstrated, it's an easy setup that you can master in a jiff!

What's not to like about that?!

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About Kat

Kat Armendariz Kat on the Web

Kat Armendariz is a published studio photographer in Las Vegas. She has a passion to create out-of-the-box portraiture and to give women an experience that will be a stepping stone to new found confidence.

Her photo studio sits in the heart of Las Vegas where she gets to work with incredible clients from all over the globe. Her studio, hushXpose, is a compilation of her two studio names: Hush Hush Shoot (boudoir photography), and Pose Las Vegas (glamour photography).


hushXpose offers an all­-inclusive Hollywood experience where Kat and her all­-female team work with clients one­-on­-one to create custom sets and scenes tailored to their clients.

Kat and her husband, Ephraim Armendariz, also own the US District for Click Props Backdrops, which specializes in professional-grade heavy-duty vinyl studio backdrops. Click Props Backdrops let you choose from an extensive and exclusive range of multi-award-winning backgrounds and floorgrounds to  give you the opportunity of offering clients a multi-set portrait  experience.

Kat Armendariz Kat on the Web

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