MAGNA-fix: Magnetic Backdrop Support System

MAGNA-fix: Magnetic Backdrop Support System



Easy to use magnetic background hanging system, MAGNA-fix. This ultra strength magnetic hanging system is comprised of 8 - 6" steel plates and 4 industrial grade magnets. This kit aids photographers in hanging medium, large and extra-large backgrounds in one simple and quick solution. They can also be used for small backdrops if placed at char rail height for newborn photo sessions!

Kit contains 8 x 6” steel fixing plates, 4 x industrial grade magnets with chrome knobs and this guide. When selecting raw plugs and screw fixings ensure they are the correct type for your wall.

Note: Plate 8 is a spare plate when you are using all the plates on one wall, or is used when using two walls. MAGNA-fix nor Click Props take any responsibility for any damages caused while installing this system.

Using one wall to hang medium, large and extra large backgrounds you need to fix the plates as follows: Plate 1 should be placed first at the point where you wish your backgrounds to start at and at 8ft/2.44 from the floor, plates, 2, 3 and 4 are also set to 8ft/2.44 from the floor and are spaced at: Plate 2- 5ft/1.52m from plate 1, Plate 3 -2ft/60cm from 2 and plate 4 -2.84ft/86.5cm from plate 3. Plates 5 - 8 would be spaced the same width apart as plates 1-4, but at 2.9m/9.5ft from the floor.  


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