How To

HOW TO: Set up your Click Props Backdrop

STEP 1: Simply open the tube and pull out your Click Props background. 

STEP 2: Unroll your Click Props background and lay it flat on its back.

STEP 3: For this step we strongly recommend that you hang your background. You will need some hooks set either on your hanging rod or mounted to your wall. Use the grommets installed in your background to hang on your hooks. Hooks should be spaced 12 inches apart to align with the grommets. In a pinch, you can drape your background over your background stand and clamp it, but be sure you do not crease it.

STEP 4:Enjoy shooting with your fabulous new backgrounds!




HOW TO: Remove Creases from your Click Props Backdrop




HOW TO: Store your Click Props Backdrop

Our backgrounds come in a clear, hard plastic tube for easy storage and identification. We recommend storing them rolled in these tubes to avoid creases or damage.


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